Blend of extra virgin olive oils from the varieties Frantoio, Moraiolo and Leccino

This olive oil is a blend of the three varieties pressed with the stone, in percentages which have been carefully studied according to the organoleptic characteristics which have emerged in this particular year (each year the percentages have to be reconsidered). The aroma and taste of this product cannot be thought of only as the sum of the single variety oils; the blend in fact has developed new perfumes which are more intense compared to those of the single variety oils. The bouquet is of fresh grass, with all the scents of the countryside; it follows through on the palate with the typical taste of Tuscan oil, recalling almonds, pine nuts, artichoke, freshly cut cypress wood, cardoon and freshly cut grass. All these sensations, although delicate and mild, are persistent in the throat. We suggest that you taste this oil after the other ones in order not to cover the more delicate flavour.

The extra virgin Florilegium is available in the following boxes:

L 0,10 bottle
(box with 10 bottles)

L 0,25 bottle with individual box
(carton with 6 bottles)
(carton with 12 bottles)

L 0,50 bottle
(carton with 12 bottles)
(carton with 12 bottles)

The Casamora oils can be purchased directly at the Fattoria or delivered at home. Cost of transport is at the buyer's expense. Payment can be made with bank transfer or bank cheque. For further information please telephone or write to the following e-mail address: info@casamora.it

florilegium confezione
Florilegium - 100 ml Bottle